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Our purpose as the SGA is to provide a wide variety of services to enhance student life here at Embry-Riddle. As part of our mission, we offer a ton of great services for students like you!


We hosts events around campus on a daily basis. Check out our calendar to see what events are going on this week!


The SGA is a diverse organization that has the capability to represent and serve you in many different ways. Take a look at what we're all about and see how to get involved!

Check out the numerous opportunities to make big changes

Visit us at the Student Center, Room 104

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  • New Year – New Look

    The Student Government Association is changing; projects, services, opportunities, and more! Though a trivial update, students can expect to see a relatively new look with our online presence and the implementation of a new website that is both easily navigable and fully functional. Remember to visit ERAU Connection ( for all your organizational requirements!

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  • Spring 2013 Financial Recap

    SFB’s Capital Expenditure Requests The Student Finance Board is extending the deadline to download and submit capital expenditure requests. Get your packet from the SGA Website today!

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  • The Big Show Update

      Touch-n-Go Productions is preparing for the spring Big Show on Saturday, April 13th at 8pm. Free+3 for your eagle card, bring friends! $3 draft beer!

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  • If money was no factor what would you do

    SGA Treasurer, Gabbie Hoekstra

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