Monthly Archives: June 2014

Rotary-Wing Technology course at Penn State University

We are happy to spread some exciting news: our faculty member, Dr. Leishman, will be teaching part of the short course on Rotary-Wing Technology given at Penn State University. The course runs from AUGUST 11–15, 2014, and will be held at the DAYS INN in State College.



Food Brings Hope/United Way Fundraiser 2014

On behalf of the entire College of Engineering and the two morale captains, Olena Manakina and Matthew Verleger, we wish to offer a heartfelt congratulations and thank you.

Together, the College of Engineering raised $3008 for the United Way/Food Brings Hope campaign.  This is over 3 times the previous year’s total!

Congrats and thank you to all who contributed your time, your talent, or your treasure!  We couldn’t have done it without you! The campaign as a whole raised over $130,000 in cash, payroll deductions, and in-kind gifts from both Daytona and WorldWide.