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Food Brings Hope/United Way Fundraiser 2014

On behalf of the entire College of Engineering and the two morale captains, Olena Manakina and Matthew Verleger, we wish to offer a heartfelt congratulations and thank you.

Together, the College of Engineering raised $3008 for the United Way/Food Brings Hope campaign.  This is over 3 times the previous year’s total!

Congrats and thank you to all who contributed your time, your talent, or your treasure!  We couldn’t have done it without you! The campaign as a whole raised over $130,000 in cash, payroll deductions, and in-kind gifts from both Daytona and WorldWide.

Pie-in-the-Face round one

As a part of the United Way/Food Brings Hope fundraiser 2014 for College of Engineering, the  Pie-in-the-face contest was planned, advertised and successfully executed on March 13th.

The event is the first one of the three planned, so those of you who missed the fun yesterday, please mark the calendars for March 25th and April 3rd! The pie-in-the-face takes place on the West L    oan and you simply    cannot miss, pun intended!

Yesterday featured the following “targets”:

– Dr. Anderson  takes the title of the most popular professor this time!

– Dr. Rollin is the first female faculty to volunteer!

– Dr. Stansbury was the first one to get “pied”!

– Prof. Steman maintained the happiest face throughout the event!

– Olena Manakina is among the organizers of the event and paid for it dearly!

– Tammie Radikopf is a great sport and took quite a few pies for the team!


The contest brought in just north of $250.00 for the United Way/Food Brings Hope Fundraiser. The goal this year is

$4000.00 and at this point we have just over $300.00 in donations


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Engineer’s Week 2014: Keynote Address by Dan Korte

Dan Korte, Former President of Rolls-Royce Defense Business, will discuss what has made technical professionals successful in transition from the academic to the corporate world, including insights into successful areas of focus while still in college, how to set oneself apart in a job search and then the factors that can help lead to a successful career.
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Family Weekend 2014: Lehman Building Lab Tours

Pending Details!
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Family Weekend 2014: ERAU Family Reception

Join administration, faculty, staff, and current students in celebrating our ERAU families with free food!
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Family Weekend 2014: Student for a Day

Families are invited to join their student in the classroom during regularly scheduled classtime.
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