The Student Government Association

Who we are. What we stand for.

“The goal of the Embry-Riddle SGA is to enhance student life through the provision of services, events, and representation while providing a means for students to communicate with our university’s administration.”


The Student Government Association is a diverse organization with a focus on YOU. Everything we do, we do for you as students. We are unlike any other SGA; Embry-Riddle has one of the most diverse SGAs on the face of the planet. We are uniquely composed of a collection of divisions, branches, and auxiliaries; all of which provide a special service to the students. Our branches ensure that you have the representation, protection, and voice that you deserve as students of the university while our divisions provide you with campus news and entertainment in the form of campus programming, a newspaper, and a radio station.

While we do hold high standards and expectations of our members, we are always thrilled to welcome new members to our organization. The rewards of being an SGA official are limitless. Not only are you given the power to initiate the change you see fit for your campus, you are given the opportunity to change the lives of every student here at Embry-Riddle, including your own. During your time with the SGA, you will make connections and develop crucial skills, you will meet people, make lifelong friends, and you will leave an ever-lasting mark on campus.

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Your Student Government Association is here to serve YOU. We are proudly “for the students, by the students.” Please feel free to stop in if you want to get involved or have any ideas of how we ca make your student experience the best it can be. Go Eagles!

Chad Stearns, SGA President

Executive Board

The Executive Board is the upper leadership of the Student Government Association. Composed of the head of each Division and Branch of the SGA and chaired by the SGA President, the Executive Board (or Exec Board as we like to call it) makes the big decisions for the SGA. Convening weekly, the Exec Board reviews special requests presented to the SGA, makes decisions on large expenditures, works on special projects both within the SGA and between the SGA and other campus departments and organizations, and directs the actions of the SGA as a whole.

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The divisions comprise the direct service aspects of the SGA. Each division provides a unique service directly to the students. Touch-N-Go Productions works tirelessly to thrill students with campus programming such as concerts and activities, The Avion Newspaper covers and reports on all the happenings on campus and in the aerospace industry on a weekly basis, and The WIKD 102.5FM fills the air with all the latest music. Check out the links below for more information on each division!


Touch-N-Go Productions | The Avion Newspaper | The WIKD 102.5FM


The branches are the heart of the SGA. Composed of the Representative Board, which carries out projects on campus and relays student concerns to administration, the Finance Board, which assists campus organizations in their semesterly funding, and the Court, which advocates for and protects student’s rights, the branches ensure that you have the voice, freedoms, and campus that you deserve. Check out the links below for more information on the branches!


Student Representative Board | Student Court | Student Finance Board

Committees, Members at Large, Functional Positions, etc.

Not only is the SGA composed of the major divisions and branches, it is also composed of many smaller sub-organizations and sub-positions that are essential to its operation. Committees are formed by the Student Representative Board to address specific problems and tasks. Members at Large operate under the Student Representative Board, the Student Finance Board, or even the Student Court to accomplish tasks. Lastly, the functional positions include individuals who are hired to assist in the day-to-day operations of the SGA, such as Office Assistants, Affairs Directors, and Executive Assistants.