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Divisions? Branches? Auxiliaries? Committees? Liaisons?! …What?

Don’t worry, there’s a place for everyone in the SGA!

The SGA is its own world of smaller departments, each of which provide amazing opportunities. Though it may seem complicated from the outside, it’s really not that hard if you break it down. If you’re interested in joining, look no further! You’re sure to find a place that you belong! If you are a freshman or a new transfer student, check out First Year Initiative (FYI); it is designed specifically to help new students transition into the SGA. In addition to FYI, you can get involved right now by joining a division. Touch-N-Go Productions, the campus programming board; The Avion, the campus newspaper; and WIKD 102.5, the campus radio station are always welcoming new members, just drop by one of our weekly meetings. Lastly, if you are interested in a position in a branch of the SGA, elections are held each spring semester and vacancy applications become available at the beginning of both spring and fall semesters. If elections aren’t quite your thing, feel free to speak to someone in the SGA office and become a member at large!

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The divisions of the SGA provide direct services to the students of Embry-Riddle. Each division has their own purpose and their own drive, but each shares the same goal: to keep the students entertained. Each division is administered by its own Executive Board which directs and oversees the organization. General members are the life blood of the divisions, though. Without the help of interested students like yourselves, there is no way the we could do the things we do! Joining a division is as easy as attending one of our weekly meetings and speaking to an executive board member. Each division sets its own requirements for reaching official membership. Though not an SGA Official, as a division general member, you gain access to all of the privileges and opportunities presented by your division. Not to mention, all three divisions offer great opportunities of advancement. In a semester or even less, you can make it to an Executive position where you can take on the full privileges of an SGA official.


Here’s how to get involved with one of our divisions!

About Touch-N-Go >>
Meetings: Thursdays, 7:00 p.m., IC 104
Office: SC107
Chairperson: Michael Zidek

About The The Avion Newspaper >>
Meetings: Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m., Endeavor Conference Room
Office: SC110
Editor-in-Chief: Henry-Neiberlien

About WIKD >>
Meetings: Wednesdays, 7:00 p.m., COAS 206
Office: SC111
General Manager: Giovanni Cavallini





The branches of the SGA represent what make the SGA a Government. Composed of the Representative, Financial, and Judicial branches, and headed by an Executive branch, the branches are here to ensure that you retain the rights, freedoms, and voice that you deserve as a student of this University. Every action taken in the SGA revolves around the question “how does this benefit the students?” In order to join one of the branches of the SGA certain steps must be taken. Members of the Student Finance Board and Student Representative Board are elected into their position once per year (at the end of the Spring semester) and members of the Student Court are appointed to their position through the Chief Justice. Though election or executive appointment is necessary to join the branches, many other options are available. You may join a branch of the SGA through First Year Initiative, as a Member at Large, or by Vacancy application. Details on all those options are listed below.


Here’s how to get involved with one of our branches!


At Large:

If you’re still not sure about becoming a full-blown SGA Official or maybe things don’t work out in the election, we would still love to have you on our side. Becoming an SGA Member at Large gives you the same abilities as an SGA Official, at the caveat of the title, but without the responsibilities. Drop by the SGA Office and talk to a Student Assistant about signing up as a Member at Large.

By Auxiliary:

If you’re a freshman or first-year transfer to Embry-Riddle, First Year Initiative (or FYI, as we call it) may be your place. As a member of FYI, you will immediately become involved in SGA events and immediately begin creating connections with SGA Officials. FYI is sort of SGA Bootcamp, if you will. Here you will learn how the SGA works and how to get involved. Many members of FYI transition easily into an Official position in their second year.

By Vacancy:

Occasionally, an elected or appointed SGA Official will have to vacate their position due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e., internships, coops, personal reasons, etc.). This leaves a vacant position on the respective division or branch executive board, which commonly needs filling. In the event that a vacancy occurs, an application process will begin for the vacated position. Be on the lookout for vacancy notifications around the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters when divisions and branches are looking to fill open positions.

By Application:

Some positions in the SGA are open to general applications. The following positions can all be applied for in a traditional manner: SGA Student Assistant, Touch-N-Go Sound Tech, WIKD Operations Board Member, Executive Assistant, Director of External Affairs, and Director of Internal Affairs. If you are interested in applying for any of the above positions, please contact us or check for listings on Eagle Hire. As positions become available, they will be displayed online for students to apply to.

By Appointment:

Not all positions of the SGA are open to the general public via elections. Some positions are allowed by appointment only. These positions include the Student Court Chief Justice (appointed by the SGA President), all court members (appointed by the Chief Justice), and The Avion executive board (appointed by the Editor-in-Chief). If you are interested in any of these positions, the best method of becoming an appointed official is by showing initiative and taking part in SGA events and functions. Show your dedication and you will be rewarded!


Still have questions? Talk to someone to see exactly where you would best fit in!

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