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AE Department Welcomes New Professor: Dr. J. Gordon Leishman

  Dr. J. Gordon Leishman holds Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) degree in Aerospace Engineering, a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Aeronautics and Fluid Mechanics, and a B.Sc with 1st Class Honors in Aeronautics and Fluid Mechanics, all from the University of Glasgow in the U.K. He is an internationally recognized specialist in low-speed aerodynamics, rotorcraft aerodynamics and wind turbines, and his work has covered experimental, theoretical, and numerical approaches. His areas of interest and expertise also include unsteady aerodynamics, dynamic stall, aeroacoustics, two-phase fluid dynamics, wind tunnel testing, micro-air-vehicles, aircraft flight-testing, and the history of aeronautical technology. Dr. Leishman was an Aerodynamicist at Westland Helicopters in England from 1983 to 1986, before joining the faculty at the University of Maryland in late 1986. He was promoted to Full Professor in 2000, and served as the Minta Martin Professor of Engineering from 2004 to 2014. Dr. Leishman has taught classes in fluid dynamics, applied aerodynamics, rotorcraft aerodynamics, aircraft and rotorcraft design, and aircraft flight-testing. He has advised dozens of students for their MS and PhD degrees, and many of his students have gone on to take leadership roles in government and industry. Dr. Leishman has authored over two hundred papers and reports on helicopter aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, experimental methods, and wind turbine aerodynamics. Many of his mathematical modeling techniques for helicopter aerodynamics, including dynamic stall and rotor wakes, are widely used and have been incorporated into numerous design methodologies. Dr. Leishman’s wind tunnel and other flow measurements have also formed benchmark validation test cases for computational model validation. Dr. Leishman is the author of two books, Principles of Helicopter Aerodynamics, which was published in its expanded second edition in 2006 and has been adopted as a [...]

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AIAA Annual Dinner

For our annual spring dinner meeting, we hosted Col. Richard Graham, USAF(Ret.), who presented on the SR-71 Blackbird.  Hispresentation outlined the development of the SR-71 through several engineering challenges as well as the problems faced by SR-71 pilots.  He had an extensive collection of photos and a video which he shared with us.  His experience as a pilot, squadron commander, and 9th Wing Commander at Beale Air Force Base clearly makes him the subject matter expert on the SR-71, and discussing everything about the SR-71 would be impossible for one meeting so he graciously brought several of the books he has authored on the subject.  He was available to sign them for the guests at the meeting as well.  

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SPIE Smart Structures / Nondestructive Evaluation Conference in San Diego, CA

In early March, Daewon Kim, Richard Prazenica, and Balaji Sivasubramanian attended the 2014 SPIE Smart Structures / Nondestructive Evaluation Conference in San Diego, CA.  Mr. Sivasubramanian, who is an MS candidate advised by Dr. Kim, presented the paper “Development, Analysis, and Comparison of Electromechanical Properties of Bucky Paper IPMC Actuator,” which was authored by Balaji Sivasubramanian and Daewon Kim.  Dr. Prazenica presented the paper “Design, Characterization, and Testing of Macro-Fiber Composite Actuators for Integration on a Fixed-Wing UAV,” which was authored by Richard J. Prazenica, Daewon Kim, Hever Moncayo, Boutros Azizi, and May Chan.  Mr. Azizi is an MS candidate co-advised by Dr. Prazenica and Dr. Kim, and Ms. Chan is an MS candidate advised by Dr. Moncayo.  Dr. Kim also attended the ASME SHM TC meeting as well as the Aerospace Division branch meeting.

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Our new Assistant Professor – Dr. Sirish Namilae

We are happy to present one of the very new members of the Aerospace Department faculty - Dr. Sirish Namilae. Dr Sirish Namilae earned a master’s degree in materials science from Indian Institute of Science and a PhD in mechanical engineering from Florida State University in 2004. Subsequently, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. He joins ERAU after a six year stint at The Boeing Company. At Boeing he worked in airframe structure analysis in several programs like 787-8 & 9, 777-9X, rotorcraft programs and in product development. He was the structures focal for main landing gear doors in multiple aircrafts and also served as Associate Editor (Structures) for the company’s internal journal, Boeing Technical Journal. He also taught undergraduate engineering courses at Drexel University as an adjunct faculty. He is published over 30 well-cited journal and conference papers. Dr. Namilae’s specialization is in the areas of solid mechanics and materials science. His current research interests are in computational modeling, mechanics, repair and process development of aerospace composite structures and advanced nanocomposites.

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Pie-in-the-Face round one

As a part of the United Way/Food Brings Hope fundraiser 2014 for College of Engineering, the  Pie-in-the-face contest was planned, advertised and successfully executed on March 13th. The event is the first one of the three planned, so those of you who missed the fun yesterday, please mark the calendars for March 25th and April 3rd! The pie-in-the-face takes place on the West L    oan and you simply    cannot miss, pun intended! Yesterday featured the following "targets": - Dr. Anderson  takes the title of the most popular professor this time! - Dr. Rollin is the first female faculty to volunteer! - Dr. Stansbury was the first one to get "pied"! - Prof. Steman maintained the happiest face throughout the event! - Olena Manakina is among the organizers of the event and paid for it dearly! - Tammie Radikopf is a great sport and took quite a few pies for the team!   The contest brought in just north of $250.00 for the United Way/Food Brings Hope Fundraiser. The goal this year is $4000.00 and at this point we have just over $300.00 in donations                 

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Food Brings Hope Pep Rally

On Tuesday, March 11th teams of staff, faculty and students had designated tables set up in the Student Center to raise money for their team as part of the United Way/Food Brings Hope fundraiser. The event included performances by children from Turie T. Small Elementary school in Daytona Beach, and a ruthless musical chair competition with Samuel Green, Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusion, as the winner. Olena Manakina, the morale captain for COE and the world's biggest klutz, was the first person out of the competition. Representatives from United Way and Food Brings Hope were on hand to answer questions and to thank participants. Below - the Aerospace Engineering volunteers, Olena Manakina and Emily Dreyer, sharing a sandwich (that they "borrowed" from Rosa Criado, not pictured :))

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Eagle Flight Research Center

We are adding the ERAU Eagle Flight Research Center to our blog today.  We will keep a running tab on many of the projects being worked on by students, staff and faculty here.  Below are some of the exciting things that we are working on in no particular order: - students are building a “surrogate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” for the NASA Centennial Challenge called the Unmanned Aerial System Airspace Operations Challenge or NASA UAS AOC for short.  We plan to compete in this contest in September - we are flying and testing an unleaded alternative for the leaded fuel currently used by most small airplanes.  It is our hope to certify this environmentally friendly fuel and use it to power our fleet of airplanes - after our success in the previous NASA Challenge, the Green Flight Challenge, we are now looking at full electric aircraft engines and larger hybrid aircraft engines.  It looks like in the near future we will be installing the full electric motor on a motorglider as an environmentally friendly aircraft demonstrator.  It will be both quiet and extremely efficient.   As a teaser: we will be doing this with a famous aviator that has not yet been announced.   Keep your eye out for the partner in this exciting project.

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ARAPAIMA – Critical Design Review for UNP competition

On February 20th, Project ARAPAIMA participated in the Critical Design Review for the UNP competition (University Nano-satellite Program) sponsored by AFOSR (Air Force Office of Scientific Research) and AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory). UNP’s objective is to challenge future space professionals interested in building a Nano-satellite within a two-year time frame. Led by Principle Investigator Dr. Bogdan Udrea and Co-Principal Investigator Mikey Nayak , Project Arapaima is composed of ERAU Daytona Beach Graduate and Undergraduate students from multiple degree programs across campus. Project Manager, Senior Aerospace Engineer student Tommy Ruscitti and Chief Engineer, Graduate Mechanical Engineer student Kristia Harris, lead a group of about 50 students in designing and building the Nano-satellite. The review was an all-day event, where students presented their designs and defended their decisions to a panel of UNP judges.  Project ARAPAIMA thrived with innovative concepts, military relevance, and professionalism during the event. UNP representatives enjoyed Project ARAPAIMA’s presentation and commended them on their professionalism and ambition. The program office representative at UNP, Lt. Nick Tassos, told  ARAPAIMA that the system was well developed and that it definitely stands out for the duration competition. We look forward to updating you on the continued success and the project progress during the Phase B portion of the UNP competition

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