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AE professors meet new parents at the Parent Reception

As part of orientation week, our AE professors attended a reception on Wednesday, August 20th,  where the parents could ask questions or voice concerns. The faculty were extremely busy, and more than one professor commented on the parents' enthusiasm and wished that the students were half as willing to ask questions during class :). Questions ranged from "who will be my son's advisor?" (we now have an advising center with people dedicated to student advisement) to "is it feasible if my daughter wants to learn how to fly while being an AE student?" (it is, students have done it, but they need to be aware of the time commitment). Seeing how eager we are to have an increased female presence on campus, it is my pleasure  to point out that Dr. Virginie Rollin met a dedicated high school senior whose brother is starting at ERAU this semester, and who could not wait to meet a female engineer! The girl was waiting impatiently for Dr. Rollin to be done with the parents. Now that's motivation! We look forward to welcoming you next year!

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HEFAT 2014 – presentation

Dr. Mark Ricklick (Assistant Professor, Aerospace Engineering) presented a selection of his research at the 10th International Conference on Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, and Thermodynamics (HEFAT2014). This conference was held in Orlando, FL from July 14-16, 2014.   Dr. Ricklick presented his work entitled “Analytical Scaling of DEM Particles for Efficient Packed-Bed Simulations.” In this project, which was conducted in collaboration with CD-adapco, Dr. Ricklick showcased a methodology he developed for improving the simulation turn-around time for packed bed simulations using Discrete Element Modeling. The presented method resulted in a loss of accuracy of only 4% in terms of pressure drop predictions, while achieving a 24X speed-up in simulation turn-around time. This result is important for the development of efficient studies of the performance and design of packed beds for chemical processing, catalytic reactors, and filters.

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50th AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference presentation

Dr. Mark Ricklick (Assistant Professor for AE) presented his research at the 50th AIAA Joint Propulsion Conference (JPC). JPC was held July 28-30, 2014 in Cleveland, OH. Dr. Ricklick presented his work entitled “Comparison of Heat Transfer Predictions for Various Turbulence Models in a Pin Fin Channel.” In this ongoing work, commercially available turbulence models were benchmarked against experimental data. It was shown that a particular model was able to match experimental heat transfer rates within 12% over the majority of the geometry. These results are important for gas turbine designers, who increasingly rely on computational models for engine design. Continued efforts include the development of in-house experimental facilities such that a more thorough understanding of the computational limitations can be achieved.  

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