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AE reaches out to elementary school students :)

On Friday, September 19, 2014, Dr. Troy Henderson of the ERAU Aerospace Engineering Department spoke to 76 fourth graders at Osceola Elementary School in Ormond Beach. His presentation was about the use of the scientific method in aerospace engineering (the students had been learning about the scientific method in their science curriculum).   Demonstrations included: falling objects in gravity, how stability effects airplane flights, air-powered rockets, and vortices.  

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Heather Ross visits AE

Heather Ross, one of the Engineering Pilots at Boeing has visited the campus September 29th and held a few presentations talking about the development and testing of the aircraft. She took pleasure in getting to know the students, answering their questions on subjects such as the importance of human factors in the cockpit, her experience as a woman in a male dominated environment, and how to balance family life with work. Her passion for her work resonated with the students, who kept her late for her next presentation.  

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