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ERAU Heavy Lift Team

The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Heavy Lift team competes in the Society of Automotive Engineers Aero Design Challenge: East Division, and is overseen by the AIAA chapter at Embry-Riddle. In this challenge the team designs, builds and flies a remote controlled aircraft able to lift up to 65lbs. At yearly competitions up and down the East coast, this aircraft must perform aerobatically, flying set courses and conducting short take-offs and landings. Performances in these events are graded and technical knowledge and design skills are judged through a technical paper and verbal presentation. This project offers great opportunities for many different experience levels and disciplines of students, from wing and fuselage fabrication, to CFD and FEA assisted design, to flight testing and team logistical planning. Many members join as freshmen and take on ever increasing technical roles as their education and experience level progress.

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EFRC to receive Skunk Works HK-36

The Skunk Works from Lockheed Martin were established in 1943 and since then have been creating breakthrough technologies and supreme aircrafts that are redefining flight. Skunk Works are responsible for the design of aircrafts like SR-71, F22 Raptor and many more. The Skunk Works have donated one of their HK-36’s to the Eagle Flight Research Center. The HK-36 is going to be used as an airframe for the full electric project, which is one of the parts of the ‘Green Flight Challenge Stemme’ project. The students are thrilled and are very excited to work on this unique project. This is surely going to be a great platform for an unparalleled hands-on experience. The aircraft is already disassembled and ready to be moved from Palmdale, California in the near future.

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