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Guest Speaker – Dr. Stewart Glegg

Dr. Stewart Glegg, Associate Chair and Professor,Department of Ocean Engineering, Florida Atlantic University On January 27th, the Aerospace Engineering Department here at Embry-Riddle hosted Dr. Glegg for his presentation on "The Noise from Wind Turbines and Rotating Blades."  The noise from wind turbines presents some unique operational issues that remain a challenge for the designer. The environmental impact of these systems can restrict the placement of wind turbine farms and impose operational restrictions that reduce their power output. This seminar will discuss how wind turbine noise is generated and it will be shown that the sound is primarily caused by trailing edge noise. Modulation effects are also important and result from the motion of the blades, the wind shear in the atmospheric boundary layer, and intermittent blade stall. The relative importance of these mechanisms will be discussed. We will also review the mechanisms of underwater sound generation for offshore systems, and the possible impacts that this may have on wind turbine operations. The discussion will also include the results of some recent work on the silent flight of the owl, and how the unique characteristics of the owl’s feather can be identified with a reduction of roughness noise from flow over the undulating surface of the owls wing. Finally a brief description of recent advances on rotor noise prediction using time domain methods will be given.   Dr. Stewart Glegg received his Ph. D. from the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, Southampton University, U.K. in 1979 for studies in acoustics. He was a research specialist with Westland Helicopters, U.K. for two years (1977-1979) and then joined the Institute for Sound and Vibration Research, Southampton University (1979-1985) as a faculty member sponsored by the [...]

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