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Dr. Anderson Featured Article

On March 31 of this year, Dr. Pat Anderson was featured on for his article titled: The Uncrashable Airplane is Within Reach. The article was posted at, and the article text is appended below. "Are we asking the right questions with respect to the Germanwings tragedy? How do you teach a door to determine friend or foe? That is a tough one. Here is one that is not so tough; how do you teach an airplane not to fly into the ground? From the technical standpoint, that is easy. The real question to be asked is what is society ready for?Is it ready for the airplane to be the last say in an argument with a pilot or other person? Or, are we going to start probing the minds of our already over-poked and prodded professional pilot population? How do you make an airline career even worse? Have a psychologist asking how your marriage is an hour prior to each flight? On the other hand, if society is ready for the airplane to have the last say, this is an easy fix with today’s modern fly-by-wire airplanes. The airplane already has a digital map of the elevation for all of Earth’s terrain. We already have systems that provide an alert as to an impending intersection with the ground. Is it that far a stretch in technology to have the airplane fly away from that impending doom on its own? No. In fact, the newest software load on F16s has just such a system. This system is constantly comparing the projected trajectory of the aircraft to the digital map of the Earth. In the event that it predicts an impending intersection, the aircraft assumes control and [...]

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Industry Advisory Board 2015

The Aerospace Engineering Industrial Advisory Board was established to assist the department’s mission by providing continuous feedback on current and planned programs, and activities, as well as fostering connections with the leading companies in the aerospace industry. The 2015 visit was highlighted by plentiful and productive communications with the student and faculty body, and a visit to the Eagle Flight Research Center. The participants enjoyed a beautiful view from the flight deck. The tour of the research facility  

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Student Places 2nd at ASEE Conference

The American Society for Engineering Education held a conference for the Southeast Region earlier this month. Under the support of the Aerospace Department and the College of Engineering, Juan Vasconez brought home second place for independent undergraduate research in the student poster competition. Juan is shown in the photo above receiving his award with Dr. Stansbury.  

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Dassault Design Institute Lecture

Over 55 Aerospace-oriented Embry-Riddle students gathered in the IC Auditorium on April 16th to listen to the great technical and business masterminds of Dassault Aviation. Donald Pointer provided a detail insight to the current state of the business jet market. Michel Lavanant showed Dassault's extensive product line and aircraft in development, and Lionel de la Sayette shared his 6 core competences for a successful career in Aerospace. Once again, the Aerospace Engineering Department collaborated  put on a great event for the Embry-Riddle Community in collaboration with the AIAA Student Branch.  

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Women of Aviation Week Celebration

On March 7th in celebration of Women of Aviation Week, SWE and the Spaceport Chapter of the 99s came together thanks to the Commemorative Airforce Museum of Deland. There were many interactive activities: rocket construction and launch, navigation using aeronautical charts, ATC communications, aircraft instrumentation, aviation jeopardy and airplane rides around the airport. It was a day full of aviation fun and learning.   Two of the most challenging workshops are shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2. One focus on navigation using aeronautical charts and the other was there to show how to understand the aircraft instruments   One of the highlights of the event was our guest speaker Marcia Gomez. As a physician, Dr Gomez was able to teach us about the reactions of the human body to the unusual attitudes encountered during flight.  

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