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Guest Speaker – Dr. K Viswanathan

Dr. K Viswanathan (Vishy) presented on aircraft noise production and mitigation to a crowded room of AE students and faculty. Dr. Vishy covered topics spanning commercial and military aircraft, emphasizing specific aircraft and engine components that generate noise. He explained some of the methods utilized at The Boeing Company for measuring noise and mitigating it as well. The top example presented was the beveling of a jet engine nozzle to direct the propagation of noise away from servicemen on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Dr. Vishy identified needed technological breakthroughs and studies to win this noisy battle.

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Guest Speaker – Dr. Ellen Longmire

Dr. Ellen Longmire of the University of  Minnesota presented to a crowded room of AE students and faculty at Embry-Riddle today. Dr. Longmire held a detailed and engaging discussion on coherent structures' evolution and organization in turbulent boundary layers. After the talk, she spent the rest of her time at ERAU meeting with College of Engineering faculty to discuss the work of her and her colleagues.

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