AIAA Design/Build/Fly Team Sets ERAU Record

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AIAA Design/Build/Fly Team Sets ERAU Record

The Daytona Beach AIAA Student Branch’s Design/Build/Fly 2015-2016 team is the highest placing in ERAU history. One of nine teams to complete all of the missions, ERAUDB finished 11th overall in the competition after investing 4000 man-hours as a team. The missions this year required a dual-UAV system, the first time more than one aircraft has been required by the competition. A Manufacturing Support Aircraft (MSA), dubbed “Big Bertha”, had to carry “GatorTot”, a Production Aircraft (PA), inside of it. The team modeled the mission similar to that of the Aerospacelines “Super Guppy”.

DBF is an international collegiate aeronautical design competition that is sponsored by the AIAA Foundation, Textron Aviation, and Raytheon Missile Systems. 145 universities from around the world entered the competition in October 2015. Teams must submit a design proposal, a technical report, and attend the flyoff in order to have a shot at winning the competition. 80 teams were invited to the 2016 flyoff, 38 teams earned a flight score, and 9 teams completed all of the missions – ERAUDB and ERAU Prescott were among them.

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