Software Beamformer for W3(OH) Maser

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A Graduate Research Project in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Allen Telescope Array.  Photo Credit: The SETI Institute

The Allen Telescope Array.
Photo Credit: The SETI Institute

In this project, a MATLAB-based software beamformer for the W3(OH) maser has been developed in preparation for the testing of a Time-Modulated Array sidelobe blanking technique. Brief descriptions of the Allen Telescope Array and calibration and target sources are provided, followed by the description of adaptive beamforming process with calibrator correlation and associated results. Software architecture and archived results are given along with challenges faced and discussion of the future direction. The report provides a foundation for the continuation into Time-Modulated Array testing with the maser.

Research Performed by:

Sugoon Fucharoen, MS Electrical and Computer Engineering Spring 2014

Research Advised by:

Dr. William C. Barott, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering