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The Rothwell Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence supports faculty research and scholarly activities, and often completes our own research and scholarly activities as well. See the links below for more information.

  • APA is the ERAU standard for all research and academic writing. To support faculty and students with this, the Rothwell CTLE has developed a self-paced guide to the basics of APA.
  • CTLE has dedicated staff and resources to supporting ERAU-W faculty with their own grant seeking and research.
  • ERAU has several websites regarding the research happening at the university, including:
  • The scholarship of teaching and learning, or SOTL, is the process of taking an evidence-based approach to evaluating the effectiveness of your teaching. CTLE can support you with this!
  • CTLE also seeks its own grants and completes its own research. For more information, please review our CTLE Research and Grants page.