Meet the talented team of individuals who make the Digital Studio what it is today. With years of experience in audio production, graphic design, photography, and video production, our tutors have the knowledge and expertise to help students with their projects no matter how simple or complicated.

Dr. Sandy Branham
Dr. Sandy BranhamDirector
Dr. Sandy Branham is an assistant professor in the Humanities and Communication department. Dr. Branham studies and conducts research in technical communication, with a particular interest in the way in which technical information is digitally disseminated to varied audiences. Dr. Branham predominately teaches Technical Report Writing, and students in her classes develop their technical communication skills through the production of several multimedia projects, with the support of the Digital Studio.
Yun Liu
Yun LiuLead Tutor
Yun is studying Aerospace Engineering at Embry-Riddle and he is the Lead Tutor of the Digital Studio (2016-present). He also does product photography and design for a local patch company. In his spare time, he takes pictures as a hobby and plays guitar badly. Yun eventually plans to work in the aerospace industry as an engineer.
Jaclyn Wiley
Jaclyn WileyAssistant Lead Tutor
Hi, everyone. I’m a sophomore studying Commercial Space Operations. Most of my experience is from my internship and subsequent employment at a radio station in Sarasota. I started out as a technical producer intern, but was eventually promoted to a full paid producer.  I look forward to working with you all.
Kody Miller
Kody MillerTutor, Webmaster, Head of IT
I am currently a Sophomore studying Mechanical Engineering with a planned specialization in Robotics. Aside from earning my Mechanical Engineering degree and learning languages, I plan to minor in computer science since I find programming to be somewhat enjoyable (when the programs work as intended). I’ve worked with various types of software ranging from Photoshop to Sony Vegas in my lifetime and thus find myself right at home amongst the elite team at the studio.
Jack Grant
Jack GrantTutor
I’m Jack, not the lead tutor of the Digital Studio. I’m best in Photoshop but also good in whatever other software we have here. Eventually I’m going to be a software engineer. The camera adds 10 pounds but Photoshop removes 20!
Elsa Ingwersen
Elsa IngwersenTutor
Hello, I’m Elsa! Although Astronomy/Astrophysics is my major, graphic design is my passion. I’m also getting minors in Applied Mathematics and Humanities. I’ve worked with Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and other computer software. I can especially help with the visual elements of your project.
Xi Wang
Xi WangTutor
Hi. I’m Xi. I’m from China and I speak Chinese. I study Aerospace Engineering. I do photography and videography. I am friendly.
Tate Grant
Tate GrantTutor
That’s a candid me, Tate. I am technically a sophomore and I am pursuing Civil Engineering at Embry-Riddle. Besides building bridges and digging holes, I also dabble with digital design and software such as Premiere Pro and Photoshop.
Hunter Gardner
Hunter GardnerTutor