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Meet the talented team of individuals who make the Digital Studio what it is today. With years of experience in audio production, graphic design, photography, and video production, our tutors have the knowledge and expertise to help students with their projects no matter how simple or complicated.

Tate Grant
Tate GrantLead Tutor
That’s a candid me, Tate. I am a sophomore and I am pursuing Civil Engineering at Embry-Riddle. Besides building bridges and digging holes, I also dabble with digital design and software such as Premiere Pro and Photoshop.
Cameron Allard
Cameron AllardTutor
Hi! I’m Cameron and I am a Junior studying Spaceflight Operations here at Embry-Riddle. I specialize in Premiere Pro, iMovie and Audacity.
Olivia Fanse
Olivia FanseTutor
Hey, y’all! My name is Liv and I’m a freshman majoring in Homeland Security. In my free time, I like to bake, take photos, and listen to true crime podcasts! My favorite program to use is Canva. I enjoy all kinds of graphic design, but I especially love making infographics
Ethan Graham
Ethan GrahamTutor
Hello! My name is Ethan Graham. I am a sophomore in Aerospace Engineering, on the Astronautical track, and absolutely love space exploration. I am a project lead for ERPL, and the treasurer of the Amateur Radio Club. Through a number of personal projects, I am familiar with designing and building websites using tools like Wix and WordPress, and am comfortable with making presentations and manipulating data in PowerPoint and Excel, in addition to some graphic design experience.
Mohammed Baik
Mohammed BaikTutor
Hello everyone, my name is Mohammed Baik. I’m a junior student studying the major of Aeronautical Science. Beside the university, I’m a photographer and an infographic designer. I gained my experience in photography from a long journey since 2010, traveling to many places around the world, and to advertise my work I become an infographic designer and I worked at some companies for couple of years. I’m happy to help you all in photography, designing, editing and how to get nice results by the using the camera in a correct way.
Qu Alqahtani
Qu AlqahtaniTutor
Hi!, I’m Al Qahtani, You can call me Qu. I’m proud to be a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success and my major is Aeronautical Science. I have an interest in the marketing field and digital media. I believe working in the Digital Studio helps many people to be more creative. I will be happy to help you with different tools to get the work done :). Please feel free to visit us!
Rob Gallego
Rob GallegoTutor
Hello! I’m Rob Gallego, a senior studying aerospace engineering with a concentration in astronautics. At the Digital Studio I can help you with Adobe Premier Pro and Adobe Illustrator. Outside of the studio I enjoy bowling, and am the manager of one of the Embry-Riddle Esports teams
Clark Howard
Clark Howard Tutor
Howdy! My name is Clark and I’m a senior in Interdisciplinary Studies, with concentrations in Applied Math, Astrophysics, and Latin American Studies. Most of my design and teaching experience comes from my 3 years working for the Air and Space Museum in DC. I’m also the president of the Embry-Riddle Beekeeping Club.
Kaimin Mao
Kaimin MaoTutor
Hi, I’m Kaimin Mao, a Sophomore student majoring in Aeronautical Science. Flying airplanes is not the only thing that I’m specialized in. I can also help you with video recording, editing, photography and other post-production tools by Adobe. Welcome to the Digital Studio!
Jack Mungillo
Jack MungilloTutor
Hello there. My name is Jack Mungillo and I am a Junior at Embry Riddle studying Aerospace Engineering. I specialize in Photoshop and Premiere Pro.
Dr. Sandy Branham
Dr. Sandy BranhamDirector
Dr. Sandy Branham is an assistant professor in the Humanities and Communication department. Dr. Branham studies and conducts research in technical communication, with a particular interest in the way in which technical information is digitally disseminated to varied audiences. Dr. Branham predominately teaches Technical Report Writing, and students in her classes develop their technical communication skills through the production of several multimedia projects, with the support of the Digital Studio.