Study Abroad

The first step in creating a spacesuit curriculum and identifying S.U.I.T. Lab research targets was accomplished by designing a study abroad program for the Embry-Riddle Office of Global Engagement as part of the Antikythera Mechanism program in Greece (Summer A – June 2017) titled “CSO 375: Spacesuits & Human Spaceflight Operations”. NEEMOThis course introduces students to human spaceflight topics including spacesuit history, design, human factors considerations, space life support systems, as well as IVA and EVA operations.

The unique offering was designed to take advantage of the clear water visibility in the Aegean Sea by conducting practical underwater demonstrations of spaceflight operations, similar to activities conducted by NASA at Aquarius Reef Base during their NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO) campaigns. The theme of the summer program is the history of spaceflight and exploration and its links to ancient navigation and technology while sailing around Greece focusing on unlocking the mysteries of the Antikythera Mechanism.

The ultimate goal of the CSO 375 course is to introduce spacesuits and human spaceflight operations in-situ and build upon that knowledge to provide students with an understanding of the design process required to aid us in exploring the cosmos. The knowledge base will be used to help solve problems in future spacesuit development.

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