Space and Atmospheric Instrumentation Lab


Instrumentation: on Ground, in Air, and in Space

SAIL is dedicated to building scientific instruments and technologies that enhance our understanding of Earth’s atmosphere and near-earth space weather. Keeping with Embry-Riddle’s primary goal of education, SAIL is all about giving hands-on learning experience to students. In the last 6 years, more than 30 undergraduate students and 11 graduate students from Embry-Riddle’s Engineering Physics program have worked on SAIL affiliated projects. The projects have included designing sounding rocket instruments, CubeSat instruments, high altitude balloon payloads, plasma chamber experiments, space situational awareness efforts and much more.
​SAIL is part of Center for Space and Atmospheric Research. Students with a strong hands-on aptitude and interest in working in SAIL are encouraged to contact Dr. Aroh Barjatya with their CV and their interests.